Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun Times on the Elliptical

60 mins. elliptical
15 mins. pushup/core/abs

I realize I sound like a broken record every time I say something along the lines of "so I woke up and my cold was worse." But guess what, I woke up and my cold was worse. Soooo annoying. This was coupled with a nagging pain I've been experiencing in my right foot for the past few weeks. I think the first time it started bothering me was a week out from the marathon, but nothing serious. Then it didn't bother me at all during MCM so I sort of forgot about it, until late last week when I felt it again. After describing the pain to Jeff--basically it hurts when I'm walking but not running; it only hurts on the lateral side; it doesn't hurt when I poke/squeeze/prod it--he concluded it's probably an irritated ligament or tendon rather than something serious like a stress fracture. So, while this is a relief, we still want to play things on the safe side. Clearly all signs pointed to a cross-training day today.

After visiting stores and otherwise being productive during the day, I set out for the gym at Ansley Mall around 5pm. They charged me the same outrageous fee for a day pass as the last time I came here, but I'm determined to figure out a way to expense it. Anyway, I jumped on the first available elliptical with the firm resolve to remain there for 60 minutes. Jilane's encouraging-slash-borderline inappropriate text messages kept me entertained, and the hour passed more quickly than I was expecting. After some pushups and abs I called it a night. Tomorrow should be an easy run and then, assuming my cold improves, it's back to business as usual on Wednesday.