Sunday, November 23, 2008

Week in Review

~31-32 miles
3 elliptical sessions
5 AFDs

Well, this week certainly wasn't much better than last in terms of running. 30 miles?? That's embarrassing. Even Mike DeCoste is running that much. At least I exercised every single day and, more importantly, am finally (fingers crossed) getting rid of my foot pain once and for all. I still feel a few occasional twinges but for the most part things are back to normal. I'm trying to be overly cautious by continuing my icing regimen and jumping on softer surfaces when possible, so hopefully that will be enough to do the trick. I may take a day off before heading home to Texas next week, which should simultaneously allow my foot and body to rest while preparing to run Jordan into the ground over the holiday weekend.

Also, as I hinted at earlier this week, there's a new racing challenge on the relatively immediate horizon. In following with our recently acquired ability for planned, structured spontaneity, Jilane and I both booked flights to come to Dallas/OKC for White Rock Marathon AND put together a dynamite co-ed relay team. Thanks to Mr. Moneybags (aka Tim Thompson) we will be running gratis as Team OK Runner Elite. Our team comprises myself, Jilane, Jordan, Scotty D and Jerry (who is fresh off his VOSV at Tulsa Marathon). Last year's winning co-ed team averaged a paltry 5:47 pace per mile, a benchmark we're confident we can surpass even if still hung over from the McNellie's Pub Run victory celebration on Friday night. I'm stoked to spend the weekend with Jordan and Jilane and our other friends and to run a fun, hard effort at White Rock. Mark December 14th on your calendar as the day that Team OK Runner Elite cements our place in the record books.