Saturday, November 22, 2008

72 Minutes of Glory

72 mins.
10 miles

I woke up this morning in Brooke's pajama bottoms at her parents' house in Woodstock. We had intended to come downtown and go out last night after I took her to pick up her car from the shop, but then her dad Doug E Fresh (who has beaten Jordan in pickleball like a million times, incidentally) offered to take us out to dinner. Fast forward to 10pm, at which point we were still hanging out with the Starrs and just decided to stay there for the evening.

So yeah, we woke up around 7:30 and spent a few hours lounging around and drinking coffee. Jordan called me midway through his morning run and we chatted until he finished at 72 minutes. I was feeling pretty lazy and disgusting, considering that he was an hour behind me and had already finished a lengthy jog, so I vowed to also run 72 minutes at some point today. Given my lackluster outings the past few weeks, that was a pretty bold declaration. I knew I could not accomplish it on my own due to aforementioned laziness, so I texted Ashley and enlisted her company.

Fortunately she was happy to oblige, and she met me at my apartment around 4 this afternoon. We took the long way to Piedmont Park and then just lapped the AO for a while. Neither of us had been down there in a while and we both wanted to get on a softer surface, so it was the logical choice. I felt pretty crappy for the first 30 minutes (my hamstrings are so sore from the hilly runs of the past few days) but perked up the last 20-30 minutes or so. We reached my driveway at exactly 72 minutes and I knew I had achieved victory.

Oh, and I bought that space heater. My apartment is already up to 60 degrees! Life is grand.