Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day

~60 mins.

8 miles

Jordan and I slept in and enjoyed a leisurely morning of coffee drinking before venturing out around 11 for this run. The running in my parents' small town is less than ideal, as there are no trails or bike paths to speak of, but fortunately they live in a nice neighborhood with a variety of country roads within easy reach. Today we set out from their house and meandered out and back on one of these aforementioned roads for a bit. The road has been repaved since my last visit, and the surface was quite nice for a change.

At the end of the run we incorporated a detour to CVS as Jordan needed to purchase some razors for his bi-annual shave. We finished up through Dellwood Park, which runs adjacent to my parents' neighborhood, before heading back home. I needed to make myself moderately presentable for the Thanksgiving meal and Jordan needed to actually get in some miles under 7:30 pace, so he headed back out for a few minutes while I went inside to hit the showers. By 1pm the feast was ready and all thoughts of health and fitness went out the window.