Sunday, November 30, 2008

Week in Review

46 miles
1 BMX bike
5 runs with Jordan
1 chocolate pecan pie

Looking back on this week, I'm pretty pleased with upping the ante to 46 miles (Jordan and I counted 50 when we were adding it up in our heads, but what can I say, neither of us were math majors). I had a great time visiting my parents and spending the week with Jordan, and I'm pretty excited for the White Rock relay and surrounding festivities coming up in a few weeks. Having just received a winter training schedule from Jeff, I'm hoping to get into some consistent mileage in the coming weeks and perhaps even throw in a workout or two.

My foot continues to be manageable, hurting sometimes but never getting worse, and I'm back on the lima bean and ibuprofen regimen full force. Jordan noticed almost immediately that my stride is weird now; I land with my usual forefoot strike on the left foot but am rolling through an exaggerated heel-toe motion on my right (injured) foot. It's obviously a compensation mechanism but it's throwing me off and I don't like it. I'm ready to kick this nagging quasi-injury for good.