Monday, December 1, 2008

Rivercrest Country Club Loop

60-61 mins.
8 miles

Yesterday Jordan and I bid my parents farewell and then drove to Ft. Worth to spend our last night in Texas. On Monday morning I wanted to take him on one of my familiar running routes from when I lived there, mainly focusing on the river trail and also Rivercrest Country Club, which is closed to golfers on Monday and therefore free reign for runners like us. While we could've run to the river from our hotel in downtown, I preferred to start and finish from Rivercrest so we drove there.

The facade of Bass Hall, an architectural and cultural
landmark near our hotel in downtown Ft. Worth

The most notable factor on this run was the wind. I'd almost forgotten how gusty it can get on the exposed river trail, and Jordan was no doubt feeling a preview of things to come upon his return to Norman. He decided to be very un-chivalrous (which is shocking) and refused to allow me to draft, so I had to pull my weight and keep the pace respectable on the windy sections. Nonetheless, this was an enjoyable run. We started with a few miles on the golf course, then ran through Crestwood and the Greenwood Cemetery before hopping onto the river trail for the remainder of the run. We finished up Hidden Road, which is about a 600-700 meter hill that I used to have the pleasure of climbing almost every day, then jogged a few small loops on the golf course to bring it to an even hour.