Friday, December 12, 2008

The "Meagan" Loop

~63 mins.
~9 miles

Jordan and I got up this morning to put in a few miles around the familiar streets of Norman. We ran the loop that I opt for pretty much every time I'm in town, although to be honest I'm not really sure why. There's nothing remarkable about the loop, but for some reason I prefer it over most others that we do. Anyhow, Jordan mentioned that the route doesn't have a name, so I suggested calling it the "Meagan" loop. He said you can only name a run based on something significant that happens along the way or a significant landmark you pass and therefore my suggestion was unacceptable. However, since he has yet to name a better option, I am hereby appropriating "Meagan" as the official name for this loop. Deal with it, JSK.

Oh yeah, and the run itself was fine. Quite chilly but with little wind, and I always enjoy the company.