Monday, December 15, 2008

Katy Trail Recovery Run

~61 mins.
8-8.5 miles

By Monday morning, the contingent of Team JJJSM+A and our fans had dwindled to myself, Jordan and Scotty. We indulged in sleeping as late as we wanted and then lounged around the room drinking coffee for a few hours before heading out the door. We were in for a shock when we finally got around to checking the weather, as temperatures had dropped over 50 degrees since the previous day. After a Sunday that was warm, muggy and windy, we faced a Monday that was 20 degrees, damp and equally windy. Basically it's the kind of cold that chills you to the bone. Needless to say, we bundled up pretty extensively before heading outside. We passed a guy who was walking to the hotel, presumably from the parking lot across the street, who gave us a look that was one part sympathy, one part disbelief and one part sc
orn and said, "I'm taking the day off."

But we forged ahead. Since we were just a few blocks away from American Airlines Center and one endpoint of the Katy Trail, we opted for a basic out and back route from there. To our pleasant surprise, the trail was la
rgely protected from the wind, and we never really battled it in either direction. None of us were feeling quite as banged up as we expected (although this will probably set in later), and the easy pace was quite enjoyable. We rounded out the morning with a leisurely brunch at Cafe Brazil and prepared to go our separate ways.

View of the AA Center from the terminus of the Katy Trail, presumably
on a warmer day