Sunday, December 7, 2008

Week in Review

60 miles
7 (!!!) days of running
2 (!!!) doubles
1 botched election

Without a doubt, this was my most solid week of running since before MCM. I got in a few quasi-workouts, a quasi-long run and even some quasi-doubles. It feels good to be back on the right track, and I'm hoping to build on this for the rest of December. My foot is much better, although still not 100%. The lima beans and ibuprofen will continue indefinitely, I suppose.

Lucky for me, running isn't all I have to look forward to this week. I'm off to Norman in a few days to visit Jordan, see some familiar faces and enjoy a fruity beer or two at the McNellie's Pub Run celebration. Then it's down to Dallas with Team OK Runner Elite (also known as Team JJJSM) to change a few lives at the White Rock Marathon Relay. Should be a fabulous weekend all around and I'm pretty stoked.