Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Palm Springs Double

AM: 2 miles, drills, in-and-out 800m, 2 miles
Total: ~4.5-5 miles
PM: 47 mins.
6 miles

This morning Jordan and I suited up and headed over to the Palm Springs High School track to do some drills. I showed him some of the ones Jeff taught me in Charlotte, and in turn he added a few more to the mix. One of these involved jumping from foot to foot while tapping a bench with the other foot, a move that was fun but exhausting. Within a minute we were both breathing fairly hard and decided to take a break to run some strides in the form of in-and-out 100s. It felt good to
get up on the toes and turn the legs over even though I was quite sore from the "please don't talk to me right now" run Sunday.

The rest of the day was mostly spent relaxing. Well, at least for me. Jordan had gotten a wild hare that he was going to concoct his self-proclaimed "world's best potato salad," so he spent much of the afternoon in the kitchen. I opted to lounge by the pool in an attempt to reclaim some of my summer glow.

My view from the lounge chair at the pool

In the evening we headed out for some more easy miles on the streets. About two miles in I needed to find a bathroom, so we ducked into a condo development to see if they had one in their main office. They didn't, but when we exited through the back door we stumbled upon a lush, well-manicured golf course. We quickly made the call to put in the remainder of the run on this soft surface until we got kicked off. Fortunately that never happened, so we were able to put in three or four loops before heading home. It was another beautiful night in the desert and I thoroughly enjoyed this outing.