Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Workout

AM: 20 min. w/u (2.5 miles)
2x200m strides
Target: 8x400 @78 w/60 sec. rest
Actual: 76, 79, 80, 80, 77, 79, 78, 78
~20 min. c/d (2.5 miles)
Total: ~7.5 miles
PM: Wii

I woke up this morning with my entire lower legs sore to the touch, no doubt due to the new drills Jordan and I tried out yesterday. We both hobbled around the house for a while and debated postponing the workout, but ended up deciding it would be best to get things over with before heading to Jilane's house.

Our jog over to the high school track was slow and easy, and it was an absolutely beautiful morning. The track was bustling with a high school soccer team, a high school track coach who was working out a few of his athletes, and a few other random walkers and joggers. After much debate about what would be the best way to coordinate the workout, it was decided that Jordan would basically run continuously while I would jump in on every other lap. During my minute "rest" I would walk back 100 meters and then wait for him to arrive. Overall this plan worked well, except that I never felt fully recovered on the first half of the workout because my "rest" was so hurried. I had to walk/trot at a fairly brisk pace to beat Jordan to our meeting spot, which meant I started my next interval still fairly out of breath. This definitely took its toll on the latter half of the workout, so on the last two I rested while Jordan ran an entire lap (~75-80 seconds). I think this helped me finish strong and controlled, and overall I was pleased with how my legs responded. Having Jordan there to help made things go by quickly and was a nice diversion from my throbbing calves.

Jordan and I face off in Wii boxing

We had halfhearted intentions of doubling in the afternoon--to be fair, Jordan was more interested in the idea than I was--but that was before Wii intervened. We arrived at Jilane's parents' house in Brea and were greeted with the new Christmas present, which apparently has been consuming Jilane's every waking moment since she came home for the break. We had a great time playing boxing, tennis, skiing, balance games and even a running game (which I beat Jordan at twice, two times, count it). I was legitimately out of breath after this and deemed it an effective form of cross-training.