Thursday, December 11, 2008

Norman Night Run

32-33 mins.
4+ miles

After a long day of travel, which included a slightly weather-delayed flight from Atlanta to Dallas and a now-familiar drive in a rental car to Norman (no minivan this time, so save the jokes), I was less than enthused about running. I had fully intended to run in Atlanta in the morning--honestly, half of why I scheduled my flight as late as 11am was so I could get in a jog beforehand--but the rain that started on yesterday's run with Meredith never really abated. It was absolutely pouring when I woke up this morning, so I decided I'd just wait and get in a jog with Jordan. But by the time we left OK Runner and made our way to Campus Lodge, it was dark and chilly outside and I was quite tired and hungry. Jordan ignored my whining and insisted we get out for a short spin around campus, so I finally gave in and changed into my costume.

As it turns out, the run was quite pleasant. Though dark outside, Jordan sported his stylish and functional headlamp, and there were plenty of people out and about near campus and Campus Corner. Though the temperature was cool, there was zero wind to speak of, and it ended up being a beautiful night to be out. We did a quick four-mile loop and then cleaned up at home before heading out for sweet potato fries and fine wine at Blu.