Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Better Than Nothing

Monday: 50 mins. elliptical
Tuesday: 45 mins. elliptical
Wednesday: 60 mins. elliptical

So, as much as I'm sure you'd enjoy reading three separate posts detailing my elliptical workouts in real time, I've decided to consolidate them into one posting. After all, there's really only so much that can be said about stumbling bleary-eyed into the workout room at 6am in an attempt to simultaneously wake up and rid oneself of a raging hangover while straining to burn a meager 347 calories. Ah, the joys of sales meeting.

Hanging out with our VIP guest after Sunday's dinner

But seriously, it was a pretty intense week. Meetings allll day every day. If a workout was going to happen, it was going to happen before the Today Show even thought about starting. For that reason, I was somewhat proud of myself for slogging it out every day. I doubt it did anything to mitigate my caloric intake and inactivity throughout the rest of the day, but a girl can only do so much.


Unknown said...

aren't you short enough. why crouch more?