Sunday, November 30, 2008

Running the Rock

72-73 mins.
10 miles

Since Team OK Runner Elite has a title to capture in exactly two weeks at the Dallas White Rock Marathon, Jordan and I decided it would be prudent to take in a jog at White Rock Lake and strategize over part of the race course. To the best of my recollection (having run this relay three times previously), the exchanges between legs 2 and 3 and legs 3 and 4 both occur on the lake; as a result, legs 2, 3 and 4 run part or all of their relay section on the bike path and roads surrounding the lake. Obviously it would be to our advantage to strategize these portions (and the related transportation, which could prove to be quite the headache).

View of the downtown Dallas skyline from White Rock Lake

For today's run, we drove down from our hotel in Frisco/Plano and parked across from Flagpole Hill. One loop around the lake is almost exactly 15k, and adding on the extra bit to and from our parking lot made the run just over 10 miles. We kept a pretty decent clip throughout, despite being passed by a few weekend warriors at the beginning and facing a severe headwind toward the end. Jordan's self-esteem plummeted drastically after two dudes rolled us up, but I reminded him he's been doing his charity work by running with girls and shouldn't worry about it.

Pedestrian bridge over the lake near Mockingbird Ave.