Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recovery Wog

40 mins.
5 miles
15 mins. core/abs

I woke up way earlier than I would've liked to get this run taken care of before commencing the longest day ever. I ended up heading out to the same greenway I visited last time I was in town. My legs are quite sore from basically three days of hard running (two of those three on trails) and my foot is still bothering me, so I was content to take things very easy today.

The nice part about the greenway is that, in addition to being almost pancake flat, there's a consistent dirt/gravel trail worn away besides the pavement. I was able to stick to that that for the majority of the run. The not so nice part was that I got rained on starting from about halfway through. Let me tell you, rain in 40 degree weather does not feel very fantastic. I was eager to finish up and get back to the luxurious Extended Stay Deluxe or whatever it's called.

Unrelated: if loving the new Beyonce song is wrong, I don't wanna be right.