Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chilly Morning at the River

60 mins.
8 miles

When I woke up at 6:15 this morning to meet Jim and Meredith at the river, my first thought was: "Yeah, getting up this early definitely sucks." This was immediately followed by: "Well you better suck it up, because this time tomorrow you'll already be at the airport." So, without further grumbling, I got suited up and hopped in the car to meet them at the river.

The air was quite chilly on the heels of a cold front after yesterday's rain, and the coolness was even more accentuated by our proximity to the river. Nonetheless, we had a solid run, and my legs felt closer to being normal than they have any time in recent memory. All parties were eager to wrap this day up and head home for the holidays--myself to Texas, them to Florida to visit both sets of parents--so most of the run was spent discussing exactly what and how much we were going to eat over the course of the weekend. Good times.