Sunday, January 10, 2010

Will Run For Breakfast

AM: 55 mins. (~8 miles)
10 mins. stretching

It took several attempts, but sometime around midnight last night we concocted a plan for this morning's runs. The problem was that Jordan wanted to meet a few fellow Thunder Roadies at Old Bell at 8am for an uptempo long run, but Jenna wasn't really interested in meeting me much earlier than 10. Since Jordan and I only have one vehicle between us, this called for some compromise. The group finally agreed on Proposition 3C: I would take Jordan to Old Bell at 8 to drop him off, then return at 10 to meet Jenna and give the car back to Jordan. In return for my inconvenience, Jordan would have a tasty home-cooked brunch awaiting us upon our return post-run. If you know me at all, you know that I'll endure almost any hardship if promised pancakes and eggs in return, so this was a shrewd move on Jordan's part.

Despite starting our run under clear skies and ample sunshine, it was still frigid at 10am. I was thankful Jordan loaned me one of his Craft baselayer tops, as otherwise I would have been quite uncomfortable. Instead, thanks to the baselayer plus several other accoutrements, I was more or less warm after the first 10 minutes. Jenna and I and her friend Cole kept the pace a touch uptempo throughout, no doubt in anticipation of the breakfast awaiting us, and we covered the almost 8-mile loop a minute or two faster than normal. My leg felt just as good as it did on last night's run, which is also encouraging. Most importantly, the post-run breakfast did not disappoint. I will glady chauffeur Jordan to future runs in exchange for this type of tasty reward.