Sunday, January 17, 2010

McAlpine Flooding

AM: 66 mins. (9 miles)
PM: 20 mins. pool

Another Sunday, another long(ish) run from Old Bell. We're so predictable. Actually there was a bit of excitement before the run today, which Jordan has done a stellar job of recapping on his blog. And come to think of it, the run itself was slightly more exciting than usual due to the excessive flooding at the park. The weirs we normally cross were completely submerged, which meant we had no way of accessing the main park (where the Footlocker course is) from Old Bell without running off the path, up a dirt hill, down the nearby street and around the corner. This made for about a quarter mile detour each way, but otherwise didn't impede our progress.

I put in most of today's easy miles with Jenna and Tanya, which is always fun. Actually, mad props to Tanya; she debuted her indoor season at Virginia Tech yesterday and ran an astonishing 9:22 for 3k. That's 5-minute pace for those of you non-math majors. Needless to say, she won the race, and qualified for US Indoor Nationals in the process. I knew she was fit, but damn. That's ridic. Fortunately for me, the effort took enough out of her that she wanted to amble along at a relatively slow clip today, which is exactly what we did. Good times were had by all.