Wednesday, January 27, 2010

6AM From the Dowd

AM: 52 mins. (7 miles)
PM: 20 mins. ellip.
20 mins. core + strength

Last night I set out my entire running costume for this morning, convinced it would make the 5:20 alarm slightly less painful. Believe it or not, my plan worked. That's not to say I bounded out of bed but there was definite progress from last week. The run itself was more enjoyable than last week as well, mostly because it didn't take six miles to get my legs under me. I still lagged toward the back of the group at the outset, but overall I think my body is growing accustomed to the cruel and unusual early morning demands I'm placing on it.

My trip to the fitness center in the afternoon was postponed when I was caught in a bizarre traffic jam trying to access the street from my apartment complex. Turns out the intersection of Park and Woodlawn--for those of you who don't reside in Charlotte, this is a major intersection that happens to be about a quarter mile from our apartment--was temporarily closed after a suspicious package was found on a city bus. The subsequent chaos resulted in me having to flip a U and return home for a bit. Fortunately no one exploded and an hour later I was able to move on with my life.