Monday, January 11, 2010

McAlpine Monday

AM: 30 mins. ellip.
10 mins. stretching
2x20 water pump extensions=80
PM: 44 mins. (6 miles)
10 mins. stretching, water pumps

I felt absolutely great on the afternoon run today. Despite arriving late to McAlpine and having to play catch-up (thanks to Jordan, of course), it only took a few minutes for my leg to warm up and feel normal. Just after the first mile marker, Jordan and I ran up on a guy wearing a pair of Karhus. Needless to say, Jordan was pretty excited, and I would wager that this marked the first time ever that three people were running in Karhus at McAlpine concurrently. History in the making, folks.

At the start of the Footlocker course Jordan found a few of the Queens guys, and I opted to venture backwards from the pond in hopes of running into Jenna and Jess. About a mile later I found them, and we continued on together for the rest of the run. My legs were itching to squeeze the pace down but I could tell they were comfortable where we were, so being the team player that I am I just relaxed and enjoyed the company. Still, it's a great feeling to have some pop in the legs.

Oh, and because I'm growing tired of typing it, unless otherwise specified I'm doing the water pumps and other lower leg strengthening exercises twice a day. I feel like this is a prudent course of action given where I'm at right now and where I want to be going forward. I'm also back on the liquid iron twice a day too (I took an inadvertent break when I left my bottle here instead of toting it to California over the holidays). At this point I'm teetering on the edge of not sucking, so I need to utilize every possible advantage to keep things headed in the right direction.