Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Running Late

AM: 3 miles
PM: 20 min. w/u (3 miles)
Target: 3x1200 @ ~6:00 pace or faster (4:30)
Actual: 4:24, 4:17, 4:13
CD #1: ~1 mile
CD #2: ~1 mile
Total: ~7.5 miles

Yesterday Coach Simmons suggested I do a light threshold workout today if I was feeling good, and I was eager to meet the challenge. As we seem to be in the habit of doing lately, Jordan and I had devised an unnecessarily complicated workout schedule; I planned to meet the team at McAlpine at 4:30, but Jordan wanted to join a few Charlotte Running Club peeps at JC Smith for a track workout at 6. In order for this to work, I would have to expedite my workout and cut the cool-down short in order to make it home in time to take him. Nothing like a little extra incentive to run fast, I suppose. As a result, I ran my warmup quite a bit quicker than normal almost without realizing it, and was glad I didn't have to waste time changing shoes or otherwise dilly-dallying. I'd opted to do the workout in trainers instead of flats,
knowing I might sacrifice a few seconds but would hopefully be less banged up in the morning.

While it wouldn't have been my first choice, Coach Simmons opted to use the pond at McAlpine as the focal point of each interval. The distance around the pond is almost exactly 600 meters, which meant 2 full loops would equal a 1200. The nice part is that the terrain is completely flat; the down side was that it's extremely difficult to find a rhythm when it feels like you're constantly skidding around a turn. At any rate, the workout went fine. It wasn't intended to be an all-out effort and didn't feel like one, although I've gotta say it's not nearly as easy to run fast in these cold conditions as it was in San Diego. Such is life. I felt like I was pushing more or less equally hard on each interval, and as such was pleased to see the times fall naturally as the workout progressed. Part of me would've enjoyed doing more but, alas, there was no time. As it was I had to cut the cool-down very short in order to pick Jordan up on time, opting instead to run another mile with him at the track during his warm-up.

I'll be anxious to see how I feel tomorrow with a workout (albeit a baby one) in my legs. Until then, it's time for stretching and ice. If all goes as planned, I'll attempt another uptempo effort later in the week.