Friday, January 1, 2010

Hobbling Into 2010

AM: 45 mins.
~6 miles
PM: 25 mins. yoga/core

Well, I must admit that my first run of 2010 wasn't nearly as glorious as my final run of 2009. Instead of feeling fast, light and strong like I did yesterday, today I felt stiff, awkward and hobbly. I barely made it around two loops of the upper section of Balboa Park without Jordan falling asleep, not to mention that my leg never really warmed up or felt normal. I'd harbored grand intentions of doubling today, but after such an embarrassing showing this morning I put all such thoughts aside. Instead, I spent the afternoon icing and yoga-ing while Jordan trotted out his second run. We also got in a long walk earlier in the afternoon, probably 3-4 miles total through the Hillcrest neighborhood and around the upper section of the Park, so hopefully that will facilitate a better showing tomorrow as well. Not an auspicious beginning to the new year.