Monday, July 6, 2009

And Then There Were Two

AM: 57 mins.
8 miles
PM: 22 mins.
3 miles

With Scotty out indefinitely for a potential stress fracture, Jordan and I were left to go it alone this morning. Lucky for us the weather has taken a lovely (albeit brief) turn for the better, and this morning's run found the temperatures in the upper 60s and the humidity low. I felt faaaantastic on this jaunt, no doubt due to the aforementioned conditions, and really enjoyed being out there.

I picked Jordan up from work this evening and we headed over to the GT to put in a few more easy miles on the soft surface. The grass felt like it was running particularly slowly today--it seemed lumpier and bumpier than usual, and the grass was thick and coarse--but on the plus side it's definitely been mowed recently and there were no muddy patches. I stopped short at 3 and was content to stretch and hang out a bit while Jordan finished up his last mile. He's got a big track workout on tap tomorrow so we spent most of this jaunt strategizing.


Kevin Balance said...

Summer grass running is the best. I almost took my sneakers off and did some strides on a baseball outfield on Monday. Did the strides but kept my sneakers the way, thanks for commenting on the Pickle Run. If you like pickles, this is the race for you.

Meagan Nedlo said...

yeah the only thing better than grass running is barefoot grass running. i got a ton of barefoot running in yesterday during jordan's track workout...will update soon!