Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week in Review

42 miles
4 hours ellip.
5 AFDs
3 super fast marathoners (Aja, Cat, Jordan)

My running is still mediocre right now so I'd rather not dwell on that. Instead I'd prefer to focus on how fantastic my friends ran at their respective marathons this week, and how excited I am to see their fitness continue to progress. I may suck right now but I can live vicariously through them and somehow feel not quite as bad.

Next week is crazy busy, what with Jordan et al in town and several final projects and exams on tap. It's hard to believe that after Thursday my first semester of grad school will be over already...crazy! I'm looking forward to the summer with Jordan and all the fun travel and events that are on tap, not to mention (hopefully) being able to run at 100% in the very near future. Things are looking up.