Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sore Legs

15 mins. core
79 mins. (10.5 mles)

Today I enjoyed the luxury of only one run and headed out to McAlpine around 10am. The weather was pretty gross, kind of drizzly-misty-muggy, and I can't say I was loving every minute outside. Oh, and not to mention that I was virtually immobilized from my strength training workout yesterday. My quads are absolutely trashed, and I was audibly whimpering both times I ran down the one steep downhill at McAlpine. Post-run, even walking like a normal person proved to be a challenge.

The only thing to distract me from my debilitating soreness was Brooke's arrival for a business trip. We hung out for most of the afternoon and grabbed some sushi after tonight's class. There's nothing like stuffing your face with your BFF to make everything right with the world.