Friday, April 3, 2009

Day Off

AM: 15 mins. core
PM: ~3 mile walk

Today was a forced day off due to my foot situation. This may not be an entirely bad thing, as my most recent day without running was December 26th when I was traveling to San Fran to meet Jordan and his mom. I intended to get in the pool this afternoon, but after waiting over 30 minutes for the lifeguard it became apparent that she wasn't coming, at least during the time frame when I needed to be there.

Instead of exercising, I opted to cash in one of my pre-paid massages at Massage Envy. I'd never had this therapist before but he did a pretty good job, and his technique included stretching out my legs fairly extensively. He also spent a bit of time massaging my injured foot, which I was hesitant about at first, but after determining that it didn't hurt I allowed him to continue in hopes of it loosening things up.

After a rather large and indulgent dinner of Italian food, Tanya and I decided to enjoy the mild evening and take a spin through Myers Park. We pretended like we were soccer moms/trophy wives enjoying a few minutes out of the house while our millionaire husbands were off making more millions and our nannies entertained our kids. It was a great time. More importantly, my foot felt better after the walk than before, which can't be a bad sign. I'm anxious to see what it feels like in the morning.