Monday, April 27, 2009

Shaking Out the Legs

15 mins. core
33 mins. (4 miles)
30 mins. ellip

Jordan and I woke up fairly early this morning to get in a bit of exercise before meeting up with his pops for a day o'fun. I halfway jokingly asked Jordan if he was going to run today, and to my surprise he said he was interested in shaking the legs out a bit. We embarked on an easy jog from the prison with the plan to run for ~20 minutes or so before meeting Jeffrey at the fitness center.

We ambled along at a very leisurely pace past campus and through Freedom Park, but Jordan's legs remained pretty stiff the entire time. You would think he just ran a marathon or something. By the time we made it to the fitness center, he was content to watch Jeff pump some iron and halfheartedly stretch for a few minutes while I put in some quality time on the elliptical. We wogged back home to finish things off. It was certainly more than I would do the day immediately following a marathon, but I was selfishly glad for the company so I didn't voice any objections.


scooter donut said...
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scooter donut said...

Thanks for consoling me. I let my frustrations get to me during the race and now of course I'm second-guessing whether I could have at least run down 2nd place. I was struggling but if I would have known the deficit, yada yada... So I hear you're coming through for the summer?

mrn said...

yes and did you also hear that we're upgrading to a bigger place with windows?? life is grand.