Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Attempting a Workout

2+ mile w/u, 3 miles uptempo, 2 mile c/d
(7-7.5 miles)

Jordan, Tanya and I woke up fairly early this morning to get our run out of the way before things heated up. Jeff and Holly were headed to McAlpine so we hitched a ride with them. Tanya planned to do a 400m workout, and Jeff wanted me to attempt a 3-mile tempo run of sorts. He encouraged me to not use a watch and I certainly had no objections, so the plan was just to run on effort and get the legs turning over.

Once again, Jordan was a trooper and volunteered to run the uptempo section with me. He thought it might actually help his legs loosen up, and again I (selfishly) didn't discourage his efforts (although I did make him promise to back off if he felt any twinges). We decided to just run the Footlocker course, with Jeff accompanying us on the Purple People Eater, so after a few miles of warming up we set off. While I stuck to the original plan of no watch, I saw both Jeff and Jordan surreptitiously starting theirs at the outset. After confirming that neither of them would a) tell me what pace I was running; or b) post the time in their respective blogs, I was able to relax and just run.

Overall, this went about how I thought it would. Meaning, I felt slow. I was glad to complete my first "workout" in a month, but not particularly encouraged about my apparent fitness levels. My foot felt okay during the run but began to twinge on the jog back to the parking lot, which means I need to be extra attentive to icing for the rest of the day. I guess this is a step in the right direction, but I sure wish things were falling into place more quickly.