Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cross-Training. Sigh.

AM: 2 mile walk
60 mins. pool
PM: 2 mile walk
30 mins. ellip

Today was my second day off from running, and I have to say that I don't care for it one bit. My foot isn't feeling any worse, but it's not exactly feeling better either, so I decided to play it safe and cross-train instead of attempting a wog. Fortunately Tanya is still in cross-training mode herself, so she was happy to accompany me to the pool for an hour this morning. It was a gorgeous day so we walked the mile to school instead of driving, then hopped in the pool for an hour of aqua jogging. I realize this is embarrassing, but the workout was actually fairly difficult. We did intervals of varying lengths to pass the time and increase the intensity, and as a result I felt like I'd actually accomplished something when we finished our effort.

It was back to school in the afternoon, Tanya to see the trainer and me to try my hand (foot?) at the elliptical in the fitness center. Like I said, this certainly isn't my preference, but it got the job done. Jeff wants me to take tomorrow off from running too, so looks like Sunday will hold more of the same.

And now for an anecdote about people who actually are running. The famous Texas Relays were held this weekend in Austin, with several notable distance performances. I was personally impressed to see the Girls 3200M meet record broken in convincing fashion by Dallas sophomore Chelsey Sveinsson. This is of interest to me because my good friend Megan (Flowers) Skeels has held this record since 1992, when she ran 10:32 as a senior before going on to a successful career at Villanova and Arkansas. It's taken almost 20 years, but the record was smashed Friday by Sveinsson in 10:12 (and she went on to win the mile yesterday in 4:46). Definitely a girl to keep your eye on. Here's the video of the race if you're interested.