Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lucky 13

90 mins.
13 miles

Solid long run this morning with Tanya at McAlpine. We started out a bit slower than last week, somewhere in the neighborhood of 7:20, and kept things slightly above 7-minute pace for the first half of the run. During the second half we gradually, almost unnoticeably, started tightening things down, and by the time we passed the 9-mile mark we were clipping along just over 6:40 pace. Tanya wasn't feeling her best and I was feeling more comfortable than last week, so we matched each other stride f
or stride throughout the run.

Windy stretch along the Footlocker course that we ran many
times during today's run

About three miles from the end we crossed paths with Blake for the fourth or fifth time. He was nine miles into his 18-miler and was looking for some company, so he joined up with us for the remainder of our run. His stomach was a bit unsettled after the four Wendy's sandwiches he consumed at midnight last night and was happy to amble along at our pace. We opened up a bit the last three miles and finished in 6:38, 6:40, 6:25. I was happy to finish much stronger than last week and to not spend the last two miles flailing after Tanya. This was a solid way to finish off the week.