Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Feels Like Oklahoma

AM: 31 mins.
4 miles
PM: 60 mins.
8 miles

While Jilane was getting up before daybreak to crank out her 12-mile workout (and no doubt my dad was already done with his run and second breakfast by the time she finished her warmup), I was busy sleeping in for the second day in a row and justifying it because I'm sick. I mean, I am still sick, but in reality I figured I might as well sleep in since I have absolutely nothing to do in Atlanta right now except sit around and wait.

Anyhow, when I finally did get around to running today I was greeted by some serious wind gusts. If this is what Jordan and Scotty have to deal with on a regular basis in Oklahoma, they can have it. That said, on the afternoon jaunt my legs felt surprisingly, well, terrific. As in the best I've felt in weeks, even on the sections with the wind in my face. I took the long way down to the AO and did five or six loops and just kept marveling about how smooth everything felt. Even the uphill jog home, which is normally the worst part of any run I do from Piedmont Park, passed by in a flash. If I could bottle up this feeling and use it for an hour or two every day, I would have a newfound love for this sport. Until then I enjoy these fleeting moments of effortlessness and mourn their loss the next day. Such is life.

I capped off the evening with an invigorating massage at Massage Envy and now I'm home drinking a Kombucha. Jordan got me started on them last spring (although I actually tried one a few years ago but couldn't make it past the first two sips), and we both were on a kick of drinking two or three a week for a few months, but now neither of us have had one since at least early summer. There's one that's been sitting in my fridge since I first moved here and I thought now was as good a time as any to experience the benefits of "everything from increased energy levels and decreased appetite, to improved digestion, healthier skin and hair, and even a stronger immune system." I'll keep you posted on the results.