Saturday, September 13, 2008

Taking it Easy

AM: 5k
PM: 66 mins.
9 miles

This morning I hosted a "rep and run" at Phidippides, one of the specialty shops in Atlanta. Basically that entailed me showing up for their group run, giving away fabulous prizes and occasionally talking about shoes. Not a bad gig, and I'm able to buy people's friendship and affection. Since I sponsored the run it was only fitting for me to run with their group, which meant enduring the slowest 5k of my entire life. I didn't even time it but it couldn't have been any faster than 28-29 minutes. Despite how painfully slow this felt, it was probably good for me, and I was content to take it easy after a hard (albeit failed) effort yesterday.

As a result, I had to flip-flop my runs and go longer in the afternoon. This isn't usually my preference but I felt surprisingly good today and enjoyed hitting up the Freedom Trail and the Highlands neighborhoods. My reward at the end was an evening of good sushi and good wine with even better friends, so having that as a goal definitely lent a spring to my step.