Saturday, September 20, 2008

Brookhaven Double

AM: 40 mins.
5 miles
PM: 43 mins.
6 miles

After a pretty real evening on Friday, I awoke groggy and completely uninterested in running. Nonetheless, I knew I needed to slog out at least a few miles in the morning so off I went. I left Jordan passed out mumbling something about running in the evening and headed out the door. Did a painfully slow out-and-back down Brooks and Jenkins that barely qualified as five miles.

In the evening, after hanging out at OK Runner all day, Jordan and I set off on another easy run from Brookhaven. We essentially retraced our steps from Thursday, running through the neighborhoods and down the hill to the longest/flattest road in Norman and back. I felt better than I expected to, which is a small victory I suppose.