Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chik-Fil-A: Dinner of Champions

72-73 mins.
~10 miles

While part of me wishes I had another glorious travel story to recount, the rest of me is happy to inform you that my trip to OKC was without incident. In fact, this was the smoothest travel experience of recent memory (which probably doesn't bode well for the trip home, but I'll cross that tarmac when I come to it). Nonetheless, by the end of the day I was tired and hungry and not thrilled about going for a run. Fortunately I had Jordan along for most of it, which made things much more pleasant. I ran ~30 minutes by myself in the Brookhaven neighborhoods before doubling back to OK Runner and picking him up. We ran back through the neighborhoods before banging a left on Rock Creek Road and cruising down what is perhaps the only hill in all of Norman. In fact, upon reaching the bottom of said hill we proceeded for about ten minutes on what has to be the flattest and straightest road that has ever existed. It was completely surrounded by...well, by nothing except some farmland, and I marveled at what a far cry it was from the urban environment I train in every day. Quite a refreshing change, actually.

After the run we skipped the showers and went for a big night out at...Chik-Fil-A. Norman just opened a Chik-Fil-A a few weeks ago and Jordan has actually--brace yourself--never been to one in his ENTIRE LIFE, so I felt like I would be failing him as a girlfriend, nay, as a person if I didn't indoctrinate him in the ways of the best fast food restaurant in existence. We had two "free sandwich" coupons, so after purchasing the requisite waffle fries and drinks the two of us dined for a grand total of $4.72. It was pretty much a perfect evening, as far as I'm concerned.