Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Running Out of Gas. No, Literally.

AM: 74 mins.
10 miles
PM: 30 mins.
4 miles

My two runs today were fairly unremarkable. The legs felt decent after my long effort yesterday, but definitely tired toward the end of my morning jaunt. The morning was crisp, coo
l and sunny--maybe, just maybe fall has arrived (knock on wood, cross your fingers, etc. etc.).

In the afternoon I had the pleasure of picking up my newly-logoed Brooks mobile, which now might be fairly deemed the Holy-Crap-Brian-Sell-Is-On-Fire mobile. It's all semantics, really. The good news is I get to drive this bad boy 24 hours a day...aren't you jealous? No? Fine.

As if that weren't enough excitement for one day, on the way home from an evening clinic in BFE, Georgia, Brian Sell and I had the pleasure of waiting in line for approximately 42 minutes for gas.

The "front" of the line...only ten minutes to go!

That's right, folks, the alleged gas shortage is a reality here in metro Atlanta. It took me miles and miles to find a station that actually had gas, and then I waited in the aforementioned line to fill up with premium (no regular, apologies to our CFO). Meanwhile one car was getting towed from the station after having literally run out of gas in line, while another pump ran out while some poor guy was filling up (and he had prepaid for more than he ended up getting). Truly, it was chaos. At least I can rest easy knowing that our advertising dollars were hard at work even in the direst of economic circumstances.