Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's All Happening

AM: 47 mins.
6+ miles
PM: 58 mins.
8.5 miles

Well. Guess who slept right through her alarm and woke up an hour late? >>>this guy<<< So, my planned "10/4" structure to today's runs morphed in more like a "6/8," due to my need to get out the door and on with my life at a respectable hour this morning.

For whatever reason, I started off the evening run strong and then just decided to hammer. I haven't felt that fast on an "easy" run in...well ever, actually. Whether or not this will end up having been a good decision is pending how I feel tomorrow, but for now I'm quite pleased with it. I walked 20+ minutes to and from Figo to get dinner immediately afterwards, so hopefully that will help keep my legs loose.

On another positive note, the skies were overcast all day and the temps were quite nice, ranging from mid 60s to low 70s. While the humidity is still too high for me to deem this weather fall-like, I can see those days approaching sooner than later, and that makes me happy.

Tomorrow morning I have a taxi coming bright an early at 6:10 to take me to the airport. It is my sincerest hope and dream that my trip to Oklahoma will be less eventful than last time. Let's all take a moment to cross our fingers and send a few positive thoughts my way.


Jilane said...
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Jilane said...

So, when you said "less eventful" I thought about your last Sunday in OKC and wondered how on earth it was possible.

Now I get it. And I suppose ultimately I'm glad there were no minivans involved. It would have been nice to make fun of you again, though.

Unknown said...

Yeah no, there's no way to replicate the complete lack of activity from that Sunday. So you can still make fun of me for that if you'd like.