Thursday, September 25, 2008

Massage Thursday

AM: 77 mins.
10+ miles
PM: 29 mins.
~4 miles

This morning was the coolest of the week, which excites me greatly. I was borderline giddy at the outset because my hands were actually cold for the first ten minutes. I took it pretty easy on the continuously rolling route to and from Lullwater Park, and felt decent for about 60 minutes. After that I was ready to wrap things up.

After my evening run I skipped the shower and went for a sports massage at Massage Envy. This is my third time to utilize this location and my second time to be worked on by Robb, and I gotta say the dude is not afraid to bring the hurt. There were a few times I really had to remind myself that this was for my own good. Overall, though, it was pretty relaxing and should keep me loosened up for a while. Tomorrow I'm headed to Birmingham for work and am hoping to recruit a few peeps to keep me company on my weekend runs.