Monday, September 22, 2008

Norman Long Run

2 hours 10 mins.
18 miles

After postponing my long run from Sunday, I woke up Monday morning prepared to face the inevitable. Fortunately, I would not be running by myself the entire time, as Jordan and his friend Scott were going to accompany me for part of it. We left Campus Lodge just after 8am to meet Scott along Brooks St. near campus and proceeded to meander through the streets of Norman. The morning was hazy and quite damp, which meant the humidity was soaring but at least the sky was overcast, so overall the weather wasn't too bad.

After splitting with Scott near campus again, Jordan and I ran ba
ck home so he could bow out early and I could take a Clif Shot and some water. We returned to Campus Lodge at ~70 minutes, which meant I had roughly an hour left to complete, so much to his chagrin I decided on a boring out-and-back along Brooks and Jenkins. If nothing else, it afforded me at least a few miles on the grass, which my body could undoubtedly use after pounding the pavement since Thursday.

My companion for the first 70 minutes: a face that
inspires confidence

I w
as pleasantly surprised to feel pretty good throughout this last section. Jeff wanted me to pick up the pace on miles 12-15, and while I didn't have any miles marked or splits taken, I feel like I definitely cranked it up a notch the last ~45 minutes. I specifically pushed the last 20, which largely comprised the "home stretch" down Brooks, 12th and Beaumont, and finished stronger than I have on any other long run to date. All in all, not a bad way to start the week.