Friday, September 19, 2008

OU Track Workout (Was My Bitch)

15 min. w/u (2 miles)
Target: 6x1.5 miles @6:25 pace w/4:00 rest
Revised Target: 6x1.5 miles @6:15-6:20 pace w/4:00 rest
Actual: 9:24 (6:17 through the mile), 9:28 (6:17), 9:24 (6:17), 9:18 (6:10), 9:19 (6:11); 9:13 (6:09)
12 min. c/d (1.5 miles)
Total: 14 miles

Yesterday afternoon Jeff emailed Jilane and me to congratulate us on being ahead of schedule in terms of fitness. Our reward was having the privilege of working out harder than originally planned today. Yay for us. That said, I was looking forward to the workout primarily because Jordan was going to run it with me. I can't remember a workout, much less a track workout, that I've run with anyone during this training cycle, but it can make a tremendous difference. Since Jordan is quasi-injured and didn't want to run the whole way, we planned for him to drive our rental car to the track (PT Cruiser, holla) while I ran from Campus Lodge. He would meet me there and then pace me through the intervals and lollygag around during my recovery jog.

The morning dawned clear and cold, and for the first time in months I actually wore a long-sleeved shirt for the warm-up. By the time I arrived at the track, the sun was shining brightly and the sky was crystal clear. And, surprisingly, there was no wind to speak of. Put simply, it was an absolutely beautiful morning.

I had instructed Jordan to start us out conservatively for the first few intervals, and he did a perfect job. We couldn't have been more consistent during the first half. On the fourth interval (which was his last, as he had to catch the bus and open the store) he took things out a bit quicker and we split the mile in 6:10. For whatever reason, this actually felt more comfortable than the previous intervals, and I ended up basically maintaining that pace on my last two solo segments. In fact, by the end of the workout I felt pretty fantastic, almost as though I could've done a few more at the same pace without tiring (although I opted not to test that theory out). I'm not expecting anyone to give me a cookie, but I was pretty happy with how this workout panned out. Definitely a confidence builder.

Also, to echo what Jilane said in her post yesterday, days like today remind me of how blessed I am. Undeservedly, inexpressibly, unconditionally blessed. "Thank you" is an inadequate response, but it's all I have. So, thank you.