Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Funday

2 hours 27 mins.
20 miles

For the second weekend in a row, I was fortunate to have Ezra's company on my long run. Opting for a course that was considerably flatter than last week (although admittedly more boring), we decided to meet at the river. Our plan was to run on the dirt loop to Columns, run down Columns to Johnson Ferry (where I usually turn around), then cross the road and run through a short wooded trail on the back side of Johnson Ferry, then return on Columns and finish the dirt loop. This comprised almost exactly ten miles, so doing it twice would provide us with the requisite mileage.

Overall, the run went very well. Even at my lowest point I felt ten times better than I did throughout most of the run last Sunday, which I consider a small victory in itself. Per Jeff's instructions of "don't
eat anything before or anything during" I didn't take a gel at halfway, which would've probably helped, but we stopped 2-3 times for water and stretching and I felt better after each of those "breaks." After one of these, I suggested to Ezra that perhaps the marathon distance would be more fun if everyone had to take one or two mandatory time-outs throughout the race. You could all stop and start at the same time, so no one would gain an advantage, but just imagine how much fresher you would feel at the end! However, Ezra, unimpressed, said, "Well what about Phidippides? He was the original marathoner and he never even thought about stopping." My response: "Well yeah, but he also died at the end."

In retrospect, I struggled the most during the middle portion. Miles 10-15 were a drag, largely because of the pounding on Columns and the rising heat and humidity. According to my car, temps were in the upper 70s at the start and in the mid 80s at the end. Needless to say, it definitely doesn't feel like fall yet. Pum
pkin spice latte notwithstanding.