Friday, May 1, 2009


AM: 45 mins. ellip
PM: 5 miles

Nothing whatsoever notable about today's outings, except that my foot felt halfway decent on the afternoon run. I'm supposed to pace Holly at the High Point meet tomorrow night and she's looking to run ~18:50 for 5k. Given that once upon a time (i.e. a month ago) I went through the 5k of a 10k approximately a minute faster than this, one would think I should view the pacing duties as a walk in the park. However, if one would also kindly remember that I am now woefully out of shape, one would be (as I am) crossing their fingers and praying to sweet Jesus that I don't blow up. Ah, how the times have changed.

In other news, Jeffro will be attempting his first run in goodness knows how long tomorrow morning when we bandit the Great Harvest 5k. A few of our friends from the OCOM program (and our fave professor) are running the race and talked us into it with the promise of breakfast afterward. It also helps that the race starts and finishes literally a mile away from the prison. In fact, I think Tanya might even join us for a few easy miles in hopes of free bread samples afterward. Should be a fun time.