Sunday, May 3, 2009

Week in Review

45-46 miles
2.75 hours ellip.
3 special visitors
2 final exams
2 5k "races"

A few members of the girls team before last Sunday's awards reception
L to R: Leslie, Amanda, Katie, me, Tanya, Holly

I didn't get in as many miles (or elliptical "miles") as I would've liked this week, due to a combination of having Jordan and his fam in town and also being swamped with final exams and projects. I've got one more week in Charlotte before embarking on the epic road trip to OK, with the main activity on my agenda being packing up all my stuff and transferring it to a storage unit. While I'm dreading that project more than the swine flu, in reality it shouldn't take more than a day, so hopefully my exercise time will be restored to its normal, obsessive level.