Sunday, May 24, 2009

Week in Review

70-71 miles
3 soft surface runs
<25 drunk dials from Campus Dance (laaaame)
2 nights at Benvenuti's and Blu
1 jug of apple juice

Looking back on this week, I'm pretty excited about how everything went. The schedule is much more intense than anything I've done recently: workout Tuesday, tempo-ish run Wednesday, double Thursday, tempo Friday and long run Sunday. Definitely more quality and less "filler" miles than I'm used to doing, and it's always nice to crack the 70 mark without having to throw in too many doubles. The weather has definitely taken a turn, however, and I'm afraid the past week's unseasonably mild temperatures are about to be a thing of the past. Oh well, it was going to happen sooner or later. Summer training in the south is no fun for anyone, but it will definitely help me prepare for the half-marathon next month and for the early part of XC season in the fall.

Also, I can't close out the Weekly Review without throwing out some HUGE props to Mike AND Tanya for both capturing individual titles at D2 Nationals. Tanya kicked some serious butt in the 10k and Mike held it down in the 1500, despite naysayers who asserted he'd made a "big mistake" by not focusing on the 5k. I couldn't be more proud of my teammates (and roommate) and am thrilled for their accomplishments. More importantly, since the three of us are sharing a storage unit this summer, I'm hoping their belongings will rub off on mine and somehow facilitate me winning a title next year. Nothing wrong with dreaming big.