Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Merriment

AM: 61 mins.
8+ miles
PM: 90 mins. tennis domination

For a day that started out with hardly anything on the agenda, our Memorial Day turned into quite an enjoyable affair. Jordan and I slept in and lounged for a bit before fielding a call from Scotty requesting a run. He swung over to Main Street and the three of us set off toward Sutton Woods, the 1.5-mile sh
aded trail loop about two miles from our place. Remarkably, this was my first time over there since arriving in Norman, and I was immediately reminded of why I enjoy it so much: plenty of tree cover and soft surfaces throughout. However, I was dragging a bit despite the relaxed pace, no doubt fatigued from the past week's efforts. By the time we finished our loops and popped back onto the streets I was hot and tired. So, naturally, I suggested we detour past the Andrews Park "Splashpad" (finally turned on for the summer) to cool off for a few minutes.

It. Was. Awesome.

Upon returning home, we spent the rest of the morning watching virtual no-name Wesley Korir rack up $189k at the LA Marathon and enjoying a sumptuous brunch of apple-streusal waffles, eggs and potatoes. The food was clearly the highlight of the morning for me, but watching the former Louisville runner win the race of his life was certainly more inspiring.

Less than an hour later, Jordan and Scotty were chomping at the bit to get out onto the tennis courts, so we embarked on an unprecedented third consecutive day of play. After an extended warm-up period which included various combinations of 2-on-1, the boys suggested we play a series of 1-on-1 games, winner stays on the court. Because I am a lady and not one to gloat, I will spare you all the gory details. However let's just say that an hour later I was standing undefeated at 10 games to 0, having bested both Jordan and Scotty in 5 games apiece, before nobly stepping aside and allowing the two losers to play each other for a bit. To say that it was my crowning athletic achievement of 2009 is both sad and true.