Monday, May 11, 2009

CLT-OKC Road Trip: Day 2

15 mins. core
48 mins.
~7 miles

After a fun night hanging out with Brooke and Biscuit, Jordan and I were up early to get in a quick run before hitting the road again. We stuck to the streets of Homewood, the neighborhood where Brooke lives
, and meandered around with no particular destination in mind. Jordan's keen sense of direction extended this run by about a mile when he took us down one street in the complete opposite direction of where we were supposed to go. Nice work.

Loading 'er up for Day 2

By 9am the car was re-packed and we were back on the road. Today's travels would take us through Mississippi, Tennessee (for all of 10 minutes), Arkansas (for waaaay too long) and finally to Oklahoma. Our first stop on the day was at the Mississippi State Welcome Center, which proved to be quite the diamond in the rough. In addition to having clean bathrooms they also served free drinks inside AND had a duo of country banjo players to keep people entertained. They may have also been flying the Confederate flag outside, but I'm willing to let it slide for a free Diet Coke.

The fun never stops at the Miss. Welcome Center

By the time early afternoon rolled around, our stomachs were rumbling and we knew they would only be satisfied by an authentic Southern road trip meal. Helloooo, Cracker Barrel. While I took advantage of the all-day breakfast and ordered some pancakes, Jordy went for broke and indulged in chicken fried steak, gravy, fried okra, biscuits, mac and cheese, coleslaw and mashed potatoes. Needless to say, he passed out in a glucose coma within minutes of returning to the car.

Several hundred miles later, almost 12 hours to the minute after our departure, we finally arrived at our final destination on Main Street. Miraculously, we bested the over/under I set at noon for when we would engage in our first argument; in fact, we didn't argue at all (which I attribute 100% to the fact that Jordan slept almost the entire time that I drove). Even better, all of our breakables survived the treacherous Arkansas highway system (pay your taxes, you rednecks) and the Mini performed without a hitch. I can unequivocally pronounce our CLT-OKC road trip a rousing success.

Welcome home!