Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Double

AM: 15 mins. core
4 miles
PM: 51-52 mins.
7 miles

Yup, I'm pretty sore from yesterday. Embarrassing.

This morning I meandered down to Freedom Park to check out the scene post-flooding. The park looked a bit...waterlogged, but surprisingly otherwise seemed none the worse for the wear. In the afternoon I headed to McAlpine with Jeff, Mike and Futsum. Jeff appears to be serious about getting back into this whole running thing, and we ran stride for stride the entire distance (which was actually supposed to be closer to 6 miles, but I misjudged the distance since we started from Boyce instead of Old Bell...oops). The humidity was killer today, a rather depressing harbinger of things to come, and I felt/looked like I'd jumped into a swimming pool by the time we finished. Brutal.