Friday, May 29, 2009

Predator Run, Sort Of

22 min. w/u (~3 miles)
Target: 8 mile PTR, 6:40 down to 6:10
Actual: 51:35 (~6:26 pace)
18 mile c/d (2+ miles)
Total: 13-13.5 miles

Today's workout was a predator run, which is a Simmons/Jeff staple that basically means you start out at a comfortable clip and gradually squeeze down the pace so that you finish faster than you started. In theory it is a grand idea. In execution it is sometimes hit or miss, as mine was today.

As per usual, Jordan and I set out from Main St. with the plan to meet Scotty D. somewhere along Pickard. We'd spent considerable time the night before strategizing our route for this workout, and had come up with what we thought was a simple yet effective plan: two big "loops" around the Timberdell/Jenkins/Imhoff/Pickard grid (each roughly 2.5 miles), then two smaller loops around the Timberdell/Chatauqua/Imhoff/Pickard grid (1.5 miles each). When Jordan uploads his Garmin map this will make much more sense, but for now just go with me.

Since the boys had the Garmin and more familiarity with the streets, they would have a much easier time finding mile markers than me. As it was, I knew roughly where miles 2, 5 and 6 were but that's about it. Not ideal when you're trying to cut down each mile, but it would have to do. At the outset, my plan was to go out very conservatively and to cruise through the 2-mile marker right on 6:40 pace, or around 13:20. Naturally, I came through at 12:41. Oops. So my "predator" run quickly turned into a reverse (prey?) run as I consciously slowed down the next loop to make sure the wheels didn't fall off too horribly.

Although my first plan of starting off conservatively fell through, I was hoping to succeed with my revised objective of staying comfortable through five miles. This worked out fairly well, and I even felt decent through six, but the last two were quite an effort. When I made the final turn onto Pickard for my last ~1/2 mile, I was greeted by Jordan (who of course had been finished with his own 8-mile workout for probably 10 minutes). He was waiting to help me through the end of the workout, which I appreciated, as I certainly wouldn't have pushed as hard as I did along that stretch without his help.

All in all, I'm pleased with the final result of this workout, but wish I could've been better in the execution. Running the first two miles so quickly definitely screwed up the objective for my run, but at least I was able to hold it together and close with a respectable effort.