Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First Norman Run

AM: 44 mins.
6-6.5 miles
PM: 28 mins.
3.5-4 miles

Our first run from the new home base almost didn't happen, as just a few minutes before go time the skies opened up and spit forth a storm of...hail?? Yup, pretty large pieces coming down at a pretty intense velocity. It was so distressing that I immediately sent Jordan down to hop in the car and find somewhere, anywhere, covered to dock for a few minutes (apparently backward through the ATM drive-through at B of A was the closest place). After 10-15 minutes of hail, the precipitation changed over to rain, and we glumly acknowledged that we were going to get pretty wet on this outing.

However, being the badasses that we are, we simply threw on an extra layer and headed out. We'd agreed beforehand to meet Scotty D along Pickard, so after 1.5 miles or so the three of us were running side by side. We took a spin through the neighborhoods, past North Base (the location of the Westheimer airport and some National Weather Center buildings) and by Andrews Park before finishing up on Main Street, completely drenched. Welcome to Oklahoma.

Oh, and btw, I missed Nationals by 3 seconds. FML.