Friday, March 6, 2009

A Beautiful Night in the District

AM: 25 mins. pool
PM: 46 mins.
6+ miles

After 6+ hours in the car with Jeffrey today, we arrived in the District and at Jilane's place of employment, the NFL Players Assocation. Jeff kicked me out at the curb so he could pursue some shenanigans, which meant I got to enjoy a glorious reunion with the better half of Team MJ. After she wrapped up a few things at work, we changed into our running costumes and headed downstairs to meet the rest of our crew: Ben Stern, George McArdle and Chris Rigali, a former Brown teammate of Jeff and Jilane and Jordan. It was an absolutely gorgeous evening and we decided that a spin around the Mall and the Tidal Basin was in order.

The Tidal Basin at sunset

Despite some stops and starts due to crossing busy streets during rush hour traffic, the run was fantastic. I'm a bit sore/tight from yesterday's workout combined with today's car trip, but the easy miles this evening did just the trick. That plus the stunning scenery and free-flowing conversation made for a thoroughly enjoyable jog, and I'm pretty stoked to be spending the rest of this weekend in DC.

One of many scenic views during tonight's run

Things just got better after we returned to the PA, as our friend Rich stopped by with Brooke in tow to pick us up and deliver us back to Jilane's. After a quick round of showers, my two besties and I headed out for an amazing dinner at Sushi Sushi. The three of us were absolutely ravenous and proceeded to down an entire school of fish in a matter of minutes. After dinner we headed back to Jilane's apartment just in time to present her with a special birthday surprise: Jeff flew Jilane's sister Jaclyn in for the weekend! As predicted, Jilane was appropriately shocked and overwhelmed and blubbered like a schoolgirl for at least ten minutes. So far the weekend is off to an amazing start.