Friday, March 13, 2009

Rolling With the VIPs in JAX

AM: 31 mins.
4 miles
15 mins. core
PM: 45 mins.+ strides
6 miles

I took my time waking up this morning and spent a few hours lounging around my luxurious room at the Wyndham Jacksonville Riverwalk before heading out for an easy wog. I've never been here before and hadn't the slightest idea where to go for my run, but I saw a bridge with a pedestrian path that looked promising so I headed off in that direction. A few minutes later I was over the bridge and running parallel to the river on the Jacksonville Riverwalk. In sharp contrast to the climate I just left, it's quite warm and muggy here. Definitely better than what I left behind in Oklahoma but horrendous for my hair. A
t any rate, both my runs were fine. I wish I could say I felt bouncy and spectacular leading into tomorrow's race, but in all honesty I feel a bit flat. The good thing is there are little to no expectations put upon me for tomorrow other than to put forth a solid effort, so if I royally embarrass myself there's a good chance not too many people will find out. Fingers crossed.

The bridge I crossed on my runs today

The most interesting/comical part about this whole experience is that I've somehow managed to sneak my way into the elite athlete section, which earns me all sorts of privileges such as access to the elite hospitality room, free pre-race dinner at the hotel, shuttles to and from the race, etc. There are about 100 other elites just like myself here for the race and I would say I recognize about 20 of them. Which is about 20 more than recognize me, that's for certain. I keep waiting for someone to tap me on the shoulder as I'm slathering a bagel with PB in the hospitality room and tell me that I'm not supposed to be there, but so far no one seems to be onto my ruse. In return I've been afforded a rare glimpse into the private goings on of the nation's finest distance runners, at least when it comes to their choices of food and beverage. With each passing minute I am made more aware of how I don't belong here in the slightest. Oh well...I'm off to grab a few more Powerades.